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New MAG Orthotics App

With the MAG Orthotics iPhone & iPad app you can generate accurate scans of your patients' feet. Easily upload these scans directly to MAG Orthotics along with a prescription for bespoke foot orthotics.

The app allows you to select or create a patient and swiftly scan their feet within minutes, using your iPhone (equipped with custom attachable mirrors) or iPad (utilising a Structure Sensor).

The scans are conveniently stored in your account or Dropbox, along with any additional photos you provide, enabling you to use or include a prescription at a later time.

Technician (1)

Experienced Orthotic Technicians Required

MAG Orthotics Limited are looking to recruit experienced Orthotic Technicians, to work at our busy manufacturing workshop in Sheffield (within walking distance of the Meadowhall Shopping Complex).

We are currently considering applications for skilled workers in all of our departments, including Footwear Repairs & Adaptions, Bespoke Insoles, CAD CAM, AFO’s, Conventional Metal Devices & Leatherwork Depts.

  • Must be able to demonstrate an attention to detail in producing quality medical devices, while working under pressure to meet the departments fixed lead times.
  • Being part of an established multi-skilled production team, you will be expected to work within any area of the department as required.
  • Working as part of the team, share and develop skills to achieve goals & outcomes in an effective way.
  • Have good communication skills and a positive attitude to work.

Please rest assured that all applications will be treated in the strictest confidence.

If you are an experienced Orthotic Technician, please apply for further details & forward your CV to The Production Manager at info@magorthotics.com

Scrum Helmet

Scrum Helmet

Bespoke Scrum Helmet – made at MAG Orthotics Limited.

CT Shell 2

CT Generic Orthotic Shells

Today, by demand, we have added our range of CT Shells … CT Generic Orthotic Shells – MAG Orthotics

These black CT Generic Orthotic Shells are injection moulded, available in 3 designs – Standard, Low Heel Cup & High Arch, all with built-in rearfoot control.

If you are a Clinician or Trade – make sure you log-in to benefit from trade prices.

Reboflex picture


REBOFLEX is an ideal ‘soft to touch’ material for the manufacture of orthopaedic insoles.

REBOFLEX is a special EVA sheet with low hardness and very good density. Ideal to produce insoles shaped by heat and by vacuum.

  • 20º-25º Shore A.
  • Good Density
  • Low Hardness
  • Fast Recovery
  • Excellent Resilience
  • Ideal by Sport insoles, Top Layers, Elements by orthopaedics.

Available in beige (skin) 1.5 & 3mm. Sheet size 100cm x 90cm

Black & Tan Rolls

New Product – onSteam® microfibre


onSteam® is the new microfibre, that feels like skin, 100% breathable and with an absorption capacity of 8 times its weight in water. Perfect as the inner lining of footwear.

Available as a roll 12cm x 10 metres in black or tan. Ideal for use within a workshop.

Does not contain substances of animal origin. They are the first European textiles certified by the “European Vegetarian Union”.


‘Bonditite’ toluene free adhesive (with no animal origin) – These are complimented by MAG’s own brand ‘Bonditite’ toluene free adhesive, available in 1 & 5 litre tins, which also has no animal origin content. Our adhesives have stood the test of time having collaborated with the same manufacturer for over 15 years.

Sew On Black H+L

Hook & Loop – Great Prices!

Our quality Hook & Loop Fasteners are now available as Sew On Fasteners, Elasticated, Self-Adhesive or ‘Omni Mixed Hook & Loop’. Supplied in 25 metre rolls.

Please sign in on the ‘ACCOUNT’ tab at the top of the home page (register as trade), to get the benefit of better prices.

Visit our ‘Stock Products’ – ‘Accessories’ – ‘Components’ pages Hook & Loop Fasteners – MAG Orthotics


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