Bespoke Orthotics Part Manufacture

MAG Orthotics offer the modelling and milling in various materials, for the part manufacture of bespoke insoles.

We offer competitive rates and many options; including Scan, Model &/or Milling, using MAG's, or your own materials. MAG take on work at all stages of the manufacturing process, to fall in with the customers' requirements.

Bespoke Finishing

The finishing and completion of bespoke lower limb orthoses including insoles, AFO's, orthopaedic metal work, etc. is also available.

MILLINGMill insoles CADCAM block (block supplied)
MODModel a pair of insoles using CAD
MTCIEMill a pair of EVA insoles - All-inclusive
SCAMMScan, Model & Mill (block supplied)
SCAMMOScan & Model
SCAMMOMScan, Model & Mill EVA (MAG supply materials)
MMEVAModel & Mill only from EVA - shores low density, 40, 50 & 60
MMPPModel & Mill only from Polypropylene
MMDDEModel & Mill only from Dual Density EVA - A25/A50
MMPURModel & Mill only from Polyurethane
MMCFModel & Mill only from Carbon Fibre with EVA block heel