Scanning using an iPhone (equipped with custom attachable mirrors) or iPad (utilising a Structure Sensor), is the advancement of new technology, within the bespoke orthoses (insoles) market. MAG Orthotics likes to keep ahead of the game, by constantly attending lectures and courses that incorporate any advancements in the manufacture of Orthotics.

This offers cost-effective savings, not just financially, but also with environmental and clinical impacts. This will lead to improved quality, cost savings through efficiencies and a better patient experience, amongst other benefits. This alleviates many issues by scanning the patients' feet without being intrusive and causing any mess.

The time saving capabilities should not be overlooked, both in clinic and transportation of cast and/ or FIB Boxes leading to quicker manufacturing turnaround times.

Simply upload the app which will allow you to select or create a patient and swiftly scan their feet within minutes, using your iPhone (equipped with custom attachable mirrors) or iPad (utilising a Structure Sensor).

The scans are conveniently stored in your account or Dropbox, along with any additional photos you provide, enabling you to use or include a prescription at a later time.

In addition, MAG are offering 3D Printed Insoles which will benefit the environment and 'carbon footprint'.


  • Patient experience – Scanning is nonintrusive.
  • No contact – Especially for high risk patients, such as diabetic patients.
  • Early intervention – Scan is sent via email or to Dropbox instantaneously and therefore into production of the orthotic immediately.
  • Better delivery times – Compared to awaiting appliance officers' intervention & FIB box or cast being delivered.
  • Easier to carry to and within clinics.
  • Add photo evidence of patients' feet, position of ulcers, etc.


  • Carbon footprint – no need to use courier/ post for sending casts &/or FIB boxes. This also saves with not having to transport in the casting material &/or FIB boxes.
  • Storage – no need for storage of the casting material &/or FIB boxes.
  • No need for disposal of casts & FIB boxes – although some of the material may be recycled, inevitably some material will end up in landfill.