MAG Orthotics Limited have developed a range of semi-bespoke EVA insoles, from sizes 19-20 to 45-46.

Insoles are available in 3/4 length or full length, low profile or deep heel cups. You choose the base model required with any adaptions to suit the patients' needs. Price includes 2 postings on each insole. Further additions including elongated medial columns, sinks and infills, top covers, pads, etc. are available. Available for purchase in bulk or singular.

MAG have developed a child's shape range of insoles size 22-33, where the basic specification is of a branded orthotic type footwear, with a shaped forefoot, deep heel cup, etc.

MAG are always happy to work with practitioners/ clinicians to design a child or adult range of sizes with arch height, heel cup height, heel and forefoot widths and shape to your preference as the base model.