Bespoke Products

NHS Code Description Image
D10/H Custom trim line to thermoplastic device e.g. Window
D10/I Transfer – random to thermoplastic devices
D10/J Transfer – positive image to thermoplastic devices
D10/K Transfer unspecified to Thermoplastic
D10/L Relief Lettering (per brace)
D10/M Addition of Round Spur End
D10/N Addition of Rectangular Spur End
D12/A Anterior Pull Cord Release Mechanism
D12/B Adjustable Screw AFO Motion Limiter
D12/C Fixed Passive Motion Stop to AFO

ISO 18001 CertifiedISO 9001 CertifiedISO 14001 CertifiedISO 27001 Certified
    MHRA REG. No. CA016686

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