Bespoke Products

NHS Code Description Image
D1/C Polypropylene/Polythene AFO Section to cast including 2 straps and Malleolar Padding
D1/D Ortholon AFO Section to cast including 2 x Straps & Malleolar Padding
D1/K Composite Rizzoli Type Bk Brace
D10/A Carbon fibre/composite reinforcing piece
D10/B Ribbed reinforcement to thermoplastic
D10/C Polish/Paint/Powder Coat Ak to Bk side
D10/D Extrinsic thermoplastic rearfoot or forefoot posting up to 25mm
D10/E Extrinsic micro cellular rear foot or forefoot post or raise up to 25mm
D10/F Additional charge for item D/E per additional 25mm or part thereof
D10/G Translite thin rubber walking sole to AFO Soleplate

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