Adaptions And Repairs

NHS Code Description Image
C22 Soling and heeling in commando type units (per pair)
C23 Soling only in leather (per pair)
C24 Soling only in synthetic material or rubber (per pair)
C25 Additional charge for thro-soling in synthetic material, rubber or leather
C26 Additional charge for repair to stitched soles in single item of footwear
C27 Re-new stick on soles (per pair)
C28 Complete re-welting in single item of footwear
C29 Re-Welting per 25mm in single item of footwear
C3 Removing an outside raise and restoring to normal
C30 Removing one rocker sole, metatarsal support bar, sole wedge or stiffener, extra to soling, in single item of footwear

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    MHRA REG. No. CA016686

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