Orthotics Care

All M.A.G. Orthotics products are ‘customer made devices’ specifically for the use of individual patients.

Please read and follow the instructions below:


  • Check for excessive wear
  • Check all fastenings are secure
  • Position insoles correctly
  • Ensure adaption’s are secure and safe
  • Clean frequently using a water resistant polish
  • Allow to dry naturally
  • Do not expose to direct heat


  • Prior to use, ensure it is comfortable
  • Ensure any fitted pads are secure
  • Ensure covering is not loose or wrinkled
  • May be washed using lukewarm water and mild soap

Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO)

  • Clean long socks should be worn under AFO
  • The sock must be wrinkle free
  • The AFO should be worn with shoes at all times; this is due to no tread on the plastic surface of the AFO, which can be too slippery
  • The AFO may be cleaned using a mild soap and a damp cloth. Make sure it is completely dry before use; allow drying naturally
  • Do not expose to heat

If you have any doubts or problems contact your Orthotic / Appliance Department. 

M.A.G. Orthotics ‘customer made medical devices’ conform to all essential requirements as set out in Annex I of the Medical Devices Directory 93/42/EEC.

ISO 18001 CertifiedISO 9001 CertifiedISO 14001 CertifiedISO 27001 Certified
    MHRA REG. No. CA016686

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