About Us

M.A.G Orthotics was established in 1990 in Sheffield, to offer a high quality repairs and adaption to footwear service and the supply of custom and simple insoles, to both national and local Hospitals. Also the supply of AFO’s (Ankle Foot Orthosis), DAFO’s (Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthosis), etc are also our speciality.

Reliability and quality are the foundations on which MAG Orthotics was formed and which we continue to build on.

We have a very knowledgeable and loyal group of customers. References from these current customers can be made available. Loyalty comes from being able to offer and consistently deliver products and a conscientious service at competitive prices.

Our main aims, which are encompassed within our mission statement, are to provide excellence in the manufacture of orthotic products, combined with the efficiency and reliability of delivery. We are very proud of our delivery history; within the last 20 years we have only missed one scheduled delivery (due to weather conditions a few years ago).

Many of our employees have numerous years experience within this industry both with MAG Orthotics and other similar companies and competitors; the nucleus of our technicians served their 'apprenticeship' with Ellis Son & Paramore Ltd in Sheffield. It is our philosophy to keep all employees informed of the latest information and technology available, which will allow them to understand both the orthotists and patients needs. 

M.A.G Orthotics commitment to the latest technology is supported by the investment in the latest CAD/CAM and CNC machinery, which offers further precision to the science of orthotics.

ISO 18001 CertifiedISO 9001 CertifiedISO 14001 CertifiedISO 27001 Certified
    MHRA REG. No. CA016686

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